In working my way towards learning the various, different bug types and their complexities, I gained a better understanding of how the basic concepts build up to form the systems, as we know them, how they work and sometimes lead to security issues.

This piece tries to put together, the…

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service provider with a vast array of services which cover functionalities such as compute power, database storage, content delivery networks, DNS services and plenty others to support and fulfill any kind of requirement, with a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ model which means that the consumer will…

I’ve been learning about Active Directory and while learning I couldn’t find a compiled resource which could take me from zero to a level to understand the security posture of AD. So I thought, why not to club my learning from all the sources into one series of blogs to…

Hello Everyone, this is my very first public write-up for any HTB machine. Please feel free to reach out for any suggestions / improvement in either the methodology or this particular documentation.

HTB Profile


I prefer to first perform a stealth scan for all the ports and then perform an…

Mrigendra Soni

An infosec enthusiast who wants to learn everything that comes along the way.

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